Things You Must Know About Hot Springs

Things You Must Know About Hot Springs

Hot springs are human's favorite water activities in winter, because hot springs can not only relax people, but also promote blood circulation, accelerate the body's metabolism, and have a certain beneficial effect on the body. So if you want to go to hot springs, in addition to the hot spring bathing suits you must prepare, you have to understand the role of hot springs and the definition of hot springs.

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Regarding The Formation of Hot Springs:

Hot springs are spring water whose water temperature is higher than that of the surrounding environment, or spring water heated by geothermal activity. It is generally distributed at the junction of geological sections and is generally higher than the temperature of the human body. Water issuing from a hot spring is heated geothermally, that is, with heat produced from the Earth's mantle. This takes place in two ways. In areas of high volcanic activity, magma (molten rock) may be present at shallow depths in the Earth's crust. Groundwater is heated by these shallow magma bodies and rises to the surface to emerge at a hot spring. Of course, not all hot springs are called hot springs, only the water quality meets the specifications, the temperature is appropriate, and the content of minerals and trace elements such as sulfur, calcium, potassium, etc. It can only be put into use within strict specifications.

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Regarding the Role of Hot Springs:

Hot spring water often contains large amounts of dissolved minerals. The chemistry of hot springs ranges from acid sulfate springs with a PH as low as 0.8, to alkaline chloride springs saturated with silica, to bicarbonate springs saturated with carbon dioxide and carbonate minerals. Some springs also contain abundant dissolved iron. The minerals brought to the surface in hot springs often feed communities of extremophiles, microorganisms adapted to extreme conditions, and it is possible that life on Earth had its origin in hot springs. Humans have made use of hot springs for bathing, relaxation, or medical therapy for thousands of years.

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Efficacy of Hot Springs:

When a person is immersed in a hot spring, the pores will quickly open, and the heat in the body can be released, which can eliminate the body's sultry heat and cure the symptoms. The hot spring water is filtered by underground rock formations. The water molecules are small and the permeability is strong. It is a good way to nourish and replenish the whole body. Bathing in the hot spring with Chinese herbal medicine can also play a role in health preservation, beauty, and body beautification.

Bathing hot springs can not only promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, but also when the minerals of the hot springs penetrate into the body skin through the epidermis, the beauty and skin beautifying effects are more prominent. It is said that Korean women are beautiful, except for cosmetic surgery, they all love bathing in hot springs. Some data show that hot spring baths not only relax muscles and joints, and relieve fatigue; it also expands blood vessels, promotes blood circulation, and accelerates the body's metabolism. In addition, most hot springs are rich in chemical substances, which can help the human body to a certain extent. For example, the calcium carbonate in hot springs has a considerable effect on improving physical fitness and restoring physical strength; while the rich calcium, potassium, radon and other components in the hot springs can adjust cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, treat diabetes, gout, neuralgia, arthritis, etc. Has a certain effect.

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1. Promote metabolism:

Soaking in hot springs can promote metabolism; accelerate the redox effect, and also have a good effect on carbohydrate metabolism, so it can increase insulin proliferation, increase urine and nitrogen excretion, and it is also quite effective in preventing diabetes, gout, obesity, etc. It is effective.

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2. Treatment of skin diseases:

When soaking, skin blood vessels dilate, which can improve skin blood circulation and tissue nutrition, and enhance skin resistance; in addition, it can also sterilize and exfoliate; therefore, frequent soaking in hot springs can prevent scabies and seborrheic skin. Skin diseases such as inflammation, acne, and prurigo have curative effects.

3. Improve cardiovascular disease:

When soaking in hot springs, the blood vessels of the skin expand and the blood from internal organs transfer to the body surface, thus improving blood circulation, eliminating venous stasis, slowing the pulse, and increasing the blood stroke volume of the heart each time. It is confirmed that hypertension patients can reduce blood pressure due to the expansion of blood vessels on the body; while hypotension patients can increase blood pressure. Therefore, it can prevent and treat patients with mild blood circulation insufficiency, heart valve disease, early hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.

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4. Soothing nerve tissue:

Soaking in hot springs will soothe the nerve tissue, eliminate nerve dysfunction, and promote nerve regeneration, which is quite effective for people with neuritis and muscle paralysis.

5. Prevention and treatment of chronic arthritis:

Soaking in hot springs can relieve the tightness of joint ligaments, improve the metabolism of articular cartilage, eliminate pain, and restore joint mobility; it is quite effective in preventing and treating chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

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