Are Swimsuits Suitable For Hot Springs?

Are Swimsuits Suitable For Hot Springs?

What is the most comfortable thing in winter other than being in a warm bed? That's right, it's hot springs. Soaking in hot springs is a delightful water activity that not only relieves fatigue but also has beauty effects. This is great water activity. Then there is a question. Ordinary swimsuits are only suitable for use in cold water. If we go to hot springs, can ordinary swimsuits be used?

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In fact, swimsuits do not distinguish between hot springs and swimming! Because 95% of the people who buy swimsuits in winter are for hot springs, sellers who make swimsuits will write hot spring swimsuits in winter. Actually, when they swim in summer, 95% of them do it for swimming. I bought swimsuits for hot springs, so I won’t write about hot spring swimsuits at this time. Of course, as long as you are in a bathing suit, you can soak in the hot springs and you can swim. If you must say the difference, you can divide the following points:

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First: Some swimsuit factory suits are professional competition swimsuit factory styles. The swimsuit fabrics of swimsuit factory competitions are different from ordinary civilian swimsuits. They are tight and thin, and the chest pads are removable. Some of them are themselves. The swimsuits in the swimsuit factory without chest pads are specialized for swimming, not recommended for hot springs!

Second: Hot spring bathing suits are mainly beautiful and fashionable in swimsuit factories. Most of them choose dresses, bikinis, and yarn-based swimsuits. For swimming, they usually choose Siamese triangles and Siamese flat angles. Class concise style, this is the difference in style!

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Third: Hot springs will cause some damage to the fabric of the swimsuit because the temperature is too high, which will indirectly shorten the life of the swimsuit. This is inevitable. If you see it here, you will definitely want to buy a cheap swimsuit to wear, but it is not. Because hot springs are exposed to high temperatures, if you choose cheap and inferior swimsuits, let’s not talk about the suitability of your own style. Poor quality fabrics will produce toxic substances at high temperatures. Swimsuits are personal items that are not good for your body to a certain level. Conditions are recommended. Still choose brand swimwear, there is a guarantee!

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The professional women's swimwear brand Upopby is suitable. Not only can it be suitable for you to swim in freshwater areas or seawater areas, but you can also go to hot springs without worrying about causing harm. Here are some recommended swimsuits that are very suitable for hot springs.

String Bikini Solid Ruffled Swimsuits

This string bikini is made of solid colors and is equipped with reliefs and patterns. The bikini top is designed with double shoulder straps, and the shoulder straps are wrapped in lotus leaf-like surroundings, which is very beautiful. The built-in soft bra is fixed with a knot in the middle of the bra, which can also play a decorative role. The bottom of the swimsuit is designed with thongs, which are also fastened with knots on both sides, and folds are used to shape the back of the bikini bottom, which is very sexy.

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2021 Fashion Plain Solid Color Swimsuit Set

Upopby 2021 Fashion Plain solid color bikini sets are made of nylon and polyester, the material is comfortable, easy to dry and light, very comfortable to wear, there are more than ten colors to choose from, you can choose your favorite color. The bikini top is a U-shaped neckline, and the back is worn with a knotted string. The bikini bottom is a mid-to-high cut swimsuit bottom with elasticity and good coverage.

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Red Plaid Halter Bow Retro High Waist Bikini Swimsuit

The Upopby red plaid halterneck swimsuit is a retro two-piece swimsuit. It is made of polyester and weighs 200g. The overall design is a red checkered print. The top of the swimsuit is a half-wrapped halterneck swimsuit. The chest is decorated with a red bow. There is also a shrinkage under the swimsuit, which can be very good. Wrap the chest completely. There is a row of buttons for the bottom of the swimsuit, and the high waist bottom design can well cover the bulge of the abdomen and make it flatter.

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Solid Color Short Sleeve High Waist Bikini Set

This pure blue short-sleeved ladies swimsuit is made of cotton and nylon, weighs 260g, is made of high-quality materials, has a trendy design, and is comfortable to the touch. It is a must-have beachwear for ladies in summer, suitable for plus sizes. The swimsuit top is designed with short sleeves, the back half covers the middle, and the front is decorated with pleated and bowknots, which is very beautiful and sexy. The swimsuit bottom uses a pair of high-waisted belly underwear, which has the effect of shrinking the waist and abdomen, and also makes your belly look flatter, and is also designed in solid colors.

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Leopard Print Swimsuit High Waist Bikini

Upopby's newest leopard print ladies bikini is a bandeau-style two-piece swimsuit. It is made of polyester, with high elasticity and a comfortable feel. The swimsuit has a built-in soft chest pad, no steel ring, comfortable to wear, and suitable for plus sizes, up to E cup. The back of the top of the swimsuit is fastened by ties and has a hollow design. The bottom of the swimsuit is a pleated waist and high waist bikini, and a large number of pleated on both sides can shape and shrink well.

 Leopard Print Swimsuit High Waist Bikini

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