How To Choose The Right Swimsuit In Summer?

How To Choose The Right Swimsuit In Summer?

In the hot summer, going to the beach or swimming pool to swim has become the first choice for the summer to cool off, so choosing the right swimsuit has become a problem for people. Now I will introduce how to choose the right swimsuit.

Choose According To The Features of The Swimsuit Material

Choose the right swimsuit, the material of swimsuits is very important. The most common swimsuit fabrics for swimsuits in 2022 are divided into the following three types:

1. Lycra swimsuits: have a longer service life than ordinary swimsuits, and are mostly suitable for one-piece swimsuits.

2. Swimsuits made of nylon fabric: belong to the mid-price range. Of course, compared with DuPont Lycra swimsuits, the solidity is not enough, but the elasticity and softness are evenly matched. Now people use the most common swimsuit fabrics most often.

3. Swimming suit made of polyester fabric: This kind of fabric has large elasticity and is comfortable to wear. It is currently the most common swimsuit material in the swimsuit market.

4. Mixed fiber swimsuit. Mixed fiber swimsuits are the most common and common swimsuit materials in 2022. In most cases, they are composed of certain polyester and cotton fibers, and some also include Lycra and nylon materials. And this kind of mixed fiber swimsuit is the most fashionable and respected.

Sexy Bikini Model on the beach

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Choose According to the Features of Different Swimsuits Type

The styles of men's swimsuits are relatively simple. They are only divided into briefs and flat-angle swim trunks. Men can choose according to their preferences. But for women, the styles of swimsuits can be described as diverse. First of all, one-piece swimsuits, the simplest and least error-prone swimsuit dressing, are an excellent choice for shy ladies. Flat-footed swimsuits: For women who are unwilling to express themselves, flat-footed swimsuits are more radical, but its disadvantage is that it makes the legs look very short, so choose carefully. Boxer swimsuits are also suitable for people with thin thighs. High-waisted swimsuit: Women with slightly protruding lower abdomen should choose a high-waisted swimsuit, preferably with a twill, which can be used to achieve the effect of waist lifting, or to divert attention and achieve the effect of modification. Swimsuits with skirts or ruffles: For ladies with flat hips, choosing a swimsuit with skirts or ruffles is very suitable to visually beautify the buttocks line and express the beauty of the legs. Split swimsuit: the choice of fashionable ladies, ladies of good figure can choose, wear it to show your figure. V-neck one-piece swimsuit: If you have a very plump breasts and big waist and hips, you can choose a large V-neck one-piece swimsuit, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the effect. Bikini swimsuit: Bikini seems to be a patent for women with a good figure, but it is not always true. As long as you choose a suitable bikini, you can cleverly conceal the shortcomings of your figure and show you a charming charm.

Plus Size Swimwear One-piece swimsuit

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Choose Different Swimsuits Style for Different Figures

Choose the right swimsuit according to your body shape.

For the A-shaped figure, or the chest is small and flat, if you want to make your breasts look fuller, you must choose some swimsuit styles with pleated chests, because they have a three-dimensional effect. Pleats can make the chest look more rounded, and you can also choose a swimsuit with decorations to look more three-dimensional. If you want the effect to be more pronounced, you can choose brightly colored swimsuits such as rose red and yellow to set off the white skin to make the lines more prominent.

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B-shaped figure: the figure with a thin waist and wide hips. If you want to modify this figure, you can try a skirt swimsuit and a split swimsuit, which can receive different results. The hem of the skirt swimsuit can play a covering role, but the width of the skirt that should be paid attention to, too tight can only play the opposite effect. The split swimsuit weakens the contrast between the waist and the crotch due to the partition in the middle, thereby accentuating the thin waist and reducing people's attention to the wide crotch. If you have full buttocks, you should choose a flat-footed or short-skirt swimsuit, with a more exaggerated pattern on the upper body, which can effectively conceal the fat buttocks. Because exaggerated patterns can divert eyesight, shorts or skirts can effectively conceal the plump buttocks and give play to the effect of modification.

H-shaped figure: Bikini is a good choice, which can highlight the beauty of the lines and make the waist and legs look more slender. However, the color should be mainly plain, and try to avoid choosing styles with bright colors and exaggerated patterns. And the eye-catching swimsuit style can make the figure look plump.

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Thicker lower body: For women with thick waists and lack of lines, no matter which style of swimsuit you wear, you only need to match the color to get the effect of waist reduction. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower body is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite. You can also choose to wear a three-point style to shift the visual focus to the up and down position, so the waist looks a little slender. Women with strong legs like players can wear some high-cut swimsuits. Although this will fully expose the legs, it will visually make the legs look slender and make the lines more beautiful, or wear the style with thin straps on both sides of the pants, which will also make the legs look more beautiful. It seems longer.

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Full-chested figure: For women with full-chested breasts, they always feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit and are often afraid of passing out. It's okay to consider a one-piece swimsuit, which can lengthen the lines of the figure and reduce the chance of running out. Of course, you can choose other types of swimsuits, such as Upopby's micro bikinis, which can show you your figure well and make you look more slim and moving.

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