How to Choose The Right Swimsuit for Different Figures?

How to Choose The Right Swimsuit for Different Figures?

Do you know? Choosing a suitable swimsuit can change your figure or make your figure look slimmer. This can be achieved through simple outfits and choices. Whether you are a strong figure, short or obese, you can change your external image by choosing a swimsuit. So how do we choose the best swimsuit for different figures? Today, Upopby will teach you how to wear a swimsuit to make you look thinner and slimmer.

For Caring About Breasts

If you are concerned that your breasts are not full enough and want to make your breasts look fuller and rounder, you must choose some swimsuit styles with pleated chests, or swimsuits with obvious decorations or patterns on the swimsuit. Because the three-dimensional sense of pleats can make the chest look bigger and fuller, and the decorated swimsuit can make the corresponding part look bigger. If you want the effect to be more pronounced, you can choose brightly colored swimsuits such as peach and yellow to set off the dark skin to make the lines more prominent. The chest has a curved line, a V-shape, and a half-cup or bikini-specific breast pad on the chest. Choose irregular large floral patterns. The color is mainly bright, which can hide the protruding pads. Avoid choosing too simple and single-color swimsuits.

ruffled bikini swimsuit

upopby sexy breasts pleated swimsuit

For Wide Hips

If you have wide hips, and you think it looks not good. If you want to correct this body shape, you can try a skirt swimsuit and a split swimsuit, both of which have different effects. The hem of the skirt swimsuit can play a covering role, but the width of the skirt that should be paid attention to, too tight can only play the opposite effect. The split swimsuit weakens the contrast between the waist and the crotch due to the partition in the middle, thereby accentuating the thin waist and reducing people's attention to the wide crotch. If the buttocks are full, choose a sexy thong swimsuit, because the buttocks are the best weapon for women. If you want to hide the fullness of the hips, then you can also choose a flat-footed or short-skirt swimsuit, with a more exaggerated pattern on the upper body, which can effectively cover your hips. Because exaggerated patterns can divert eyesight, shorts or skirts can effectively conceal the plump buttocks and give play to the effect of the modification. You can also choose to add a beach cover-up. The beach cover-up is very useful. It can cover the abdomen, or lengthen the legs, and the overall look is more coordinated. The cover-ups can be achieved.

upopby sexy three piece swimsuit

For "H" Shape Women

If your body is of "H" shape, it is recommended to wear a uniquely designed swimsuit to increase the level of beauty of the body, which can make you mysterious and sexy. A cut bikini or thong bikini is a good choice, which can highlight the beauty of the lines and make the waist and legs look more slender. But in terms of color, pure colors should be the mainstay, and try to avoid choosing styles with bright colors and exaggerated patterns. The use of transparent materials and layered skin-exposed designs are very suitable.

For Thin Shoulder

If the upper body is too narrow or the shoulders are thin, choose the shoulder style, which can highlight the collarbone and horizontal shoulder. This kind of figure can actually wear anything, but be careful not to wear a sports one-piece swimsuit, because this will make you look thin and look like a rectangle to others. Choose halter neck, tube top,  one-shoulder, or cut-off styles, which will make the shoulders look a little wider on both sides.

upopby sexy hollow string bikini

For Wear Plus-Size Women

If you are a lady who wears a plus size swimwear, or a lady with a big waist and abdomen, thick leg roots, and lack of lines, it is best to choose a one-piece swimsuit and pay attention to the color matching to get the effect of narrowing the waist and legs. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower body is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make your curve more perfect. You can also choose to wear a swimsuit with ruffles to shift the visual focus to the up and down position, so the waist looks a little slender. If you want to extend the length of your legs, you can choose beveled or high-cut swimsuits. This will visually make your legs look longer and make the lines more beautiful, or the style with thin straps on both sides of the pants will make your legs look longer. The only thing worth noting is that you must avoid that the entire swimsuit is one color swimsuit.

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