Four Things You Must Know About Swimsuit Materials

Four Things You Must Know About Swimsuit Materials

Swimsuits are often practical clothing in summer in our daily lives, and I believe you will definitely find a problem. Whenever you turn out the previous swimsuits in the second year, you will always feel that the swimsuits are not in terms of color or feel. The comfort of the past may even be deformed. In fact, this method is very easy to solve. The first point is to choose the most suitable fabric when choosing a swimsuit. You will be 90% successful! The second point is the washing and preservation methods. So today, I will tell you about four things you must know about swimsuit fabrics.

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ONE. The Most Important Swimsuit Material

DuPont Lycra, nylon and polyester are currently the most commonly used materials for swimwear. Any special materials such as hollow, jacquard, etc. cannot be separated from the above three types of elastic characteristics. Many new swimwear fabrics will have special processing such as anti-ultraviolet, anti-chlorine or water splashing. For example, polyester swimsuit is a kind of high elasticity, chlorine-resistant, and non-fading fabric, so polyester is the best and most popular swimsuit. choose.

And now many swimsuits also combine the characteristics of each swimsuit material to individually design the fabric composition of each area. For example, we will use cotton more on the chest and shrink positions, and most of the outer parts use polyester. Different ratios of material ratios have different effects. But there is only one purpose, and that is to make the user wear more comfortable and durable without deformation.

Of course, there are other fabrics for swimwear, such as nylon, spandex, PBT, fiber blends, synthetic fiber materials and so on. But these are relatively common, and nylon is also a very good swimsuit fabric, but it is easy to pilling over time, so it is basically only used in special parts of swimsuits.

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TWO. The Characteristics Of Swimsuit Material

A. DuPont Lycra: a man-made elastic fiber, the best elastic fabric, can be extended to 4-6 times the original length, excellent stretch, suitable for blending with various fibers, can strengthen the texture drape, anti-wrinkle and other advantages. DuPont Lycra, which contains anti-chlorine ingredients, will make swimwear have a longer service life than swimsuits made of ordinary materials.

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B. Cotton fabric: Although the texture is not as solid as Lycra fabric, its elasticity and softness are on par with Lycra. It is currently the most commonly used fabric for swimwear and is suitable for mid-priced products.

C. Polyester fabric: It is a unidirectional and two-way stretched elastic fabric. A built-in anti-chlorine and sun-resistant fabric, easy to care for and durable. When mixed with elastic fibers, the inherent qualities of polyester make it the perfect choice for swimwear.

Polyester material

D. Polyester blended fabric: Polyester blended fabric is a man-made blended fiber fabric. It not only contains polyester, but also contains other fiber materials, such as cotton, Lycra, nylon, etc., using the best ratio for users to wear More comfortable and durable.

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THREE. Swimsuit Lining And Clothing Accessories

The design of swimsuits is based on the primary principle of "comfortable and close-fitting". According to the survey and analysis, most of the lining uses nylon, which must match the elasticity of the fabric so as not to affect the comfort of consumers. Therefore, when choosing clothing accessories, elasticity is absolutely necessary Require. In response to the trend, if you need to use metal, acrylic, shells and other inelastic accessories, you need to choose a position that does not affect the elasticity of the body. When applied properly, the excipients will have an excellent effect as a finishing touch.

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FOURTH. The Classification Of Women's Swimsuit

Women's swimwear can be divided into five categories: one-piece triangle, one-piece four-corner, two-piece split, three-piece split, and one-piece dress. In response to the trend, four-piece swimwear or special design changes will be added. Style.

Ladies swimwear is also the hottest swimwear among all swimwear, not only because women’s needs are large, but women’s clothing is also more diverse in design, and contains more design principles and life. Therefore, various styles and various design types lead to female swimwear. The demand is also the greatest, and the choice is also the most.

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Such as high waist swimsuit, the main purpose is to cover the abdomen. The swimsuit that controls the abdomen mainly makes the abdomen look flatter. High-cut swimsuits are sexy, knot swimsuits or mini thong bikinis are also the hottest swimsuits. It is the best choice for taking pictures and vacationing.

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