The Best Nine Ways to Choose Swimsuits In 2022!

The Best Nine Ways to Choose Swimsuits In 2022!

Many people choose swimsuits only if the models look great, and they will buy them directly. In fact, this is a wrong choice. It is possible that the swimsuit worn by the bikini model is not suitable for you. Not only because of the difference in body shape but also because of the different highlights of the swimsuit. For example, if the model wears plus size swimwear, but her shoulders are wider than yours, or her thighs are thinner than yours, then the effect on you might be much worse. How to choose the right swimsuit? Now Upopby has the 9 best ways to choose a swimsuit for you. I hope you won't make mistakes in choosing swimsuits.

1. Note the Size of The Swimsuit Pattern

What you see may be fake! If the size ratio of the pattern on the swimsuit is different, then the eyes will see differently. If the pattern as a whole is large, then you may look bigger, and if the color matching is good, then you may look slim. Look at the picture below, which one is slimmer, a solid-color swimsuit or a wave-dot swimsuit? I think the solid color looks slimmer, maybe you think the wave-dot swimsuit is slimmer, and this is because of eye problems. But it is worthy of affirmation that the swimsuit with small dots is definitely slimmer than the one with big dots. So, if you have a plump body, try your best to choose a solid color or a small pattern when you buy a swimsuit. Unless the color scheme is very good, it won't make you look too big.

three pattern swimsuit for women

Correct swimsuit demonstration:

Polka Dot Halter Bikini Set

2. Choose a Swimsuit With a Contrasting Pattern

The visual principle of "big patterns show big, small patterns show small", through the contrast of large and small patterns, modifies the figure, maximizes strengths and avoids weaknesses. For example, in the picture below, the model's chest is printed with large dots through Photoshop, and the lower half of the swimsuit is printed with small dots, so that the comparison of the large and small patterns will make the breasts look plumper. If you encounter a swimsuit of real size comparison, then this truth is beyond doubt. So if you have a thin upper body, choose a swimsuit top with a large pattern or a ruffled swimsuit with decoration. If you have a thin lower body, choose a swimsuit with a large pattern or decoration.

big or small patterns swimsuits

3. Through the Comparison of Large and Small Patterns, You Can Balance Your Body Shape.

If you have a thin upper body and a fat lower body, you can choose a large upper body pattern, a small pattern on the lower body or a solid color; for a fat upper body and a thin lower body, you can choose a small pattern on the upper body or a solid color, and a larger pattern on the lower body is fine. Look at the picture below: If you want to show a big breast, you have a big upper body pattern; if you want to show a small breast, you have a small upper body pattern.

big pattern swimsuit

4. Note the Design Style of Swimsuits

In addition to the pattern of the swimsuit, you also need to pay attention to the version of the swimsuit. Especially people who are fatter, or have big breasts, severe accessory breasts, and thick upper arms. Look at the first picture below. On the left is a swimsuit with thin shoulder straps and a halter neck and cut shoulders without an underwire. Because of the model's large body and full breasts, this thin shoulder strap can't all-cover your breasts, so the auxiliary breasts will be exposed, the breasts will look drooping, and the arms will look thicker. But change to a swimsuit with shoulder straps under the armpits and wide enough shoulder straps, or a swimsuit with a chest-gathering effect. This Shell High Waist Bikini by Upopby (picture 2) has the characteristics of breast gathering and shows a large breast, which can completely cover and lift your breasts without the appearance of accessory breasts.

accessory breasts


Shell High Waist Bikini Fashion White Two-Piece Swimsuit


5. Note The Swimsuit Type

The thin shoulder strap swimsuit, halter swimsuit, and one-shoulder swimsuit, or cold shoulder swimsuit are very beautiful, but not suitable for everyone. If the body shape of the wearer is taken into consideration when the swimsuit is designed, then this is no problem, if not, then you have to pay attention! Although the following swimsuit is a cold-shoulder swimsuit, it fully considers women wearing plus-size swimwear, so it is very suitable for wearing!

6. Note The Swimsuit Design

If you have a big belly and a lady with a lot of fat on your waist and abdomen, it is recommended not to wear a split swimsuit. Because of the split swimsuit, there is no fabric strength on the belly to wrap your fat, but if you choose a one-piece swimsuit, which has a certain effect of wrapping and constricting the fat! Of course, if the split swimsuit is a high-waisted swimsuit, or a swimsuit with decorations, such as ruffles, or tankini on a long swimsuit, it is also suitable for you to wear. If it is the other two-piece style, then I do not recommend you to choose. And when choosing, there is a trick to see if it highlights the big breasts. For example, the swimsuit below can not only highlight the big breasts but also reduce the abdomen, so people’s eyes will actively ignore your belly and focus on other places.


Cold-shoulder two-piece swimsuit


7. Choose a Swimsuit With a Slanted Design

If your hips are wide and you feel that you have short legs or thick thighs, it is recommended that you choose slanted trousers, which not only look thin, but also show long legs, and have a hip lift effect! This principle is the same for swimwear. Those with wide hips, try their best to choose swimsuits with slanted trousers or briefs, which show a narrow crotch and lengthen the line of the legs.

black womens swimsuit swimwear online shop

8. Pay attention to the stoutness of the thighs

If you only have thick thighs, then this is the best solution, that is, choose a skirt design or a swimsuit with ruffles and cover the thickest part of the thigh. Or use a three-piece swimsuit that has a covering effect on the lower body~

pleated two-piece swimsuit - upopby

9. Choose a beach Cover Up

Yes, match yourself with a beach cover up! No matter which swimsuit you choose in the end, as long as you choose a beach cover-up, then your problem will be perfectly solved. There are many types of beach blouses, some are for the upper body, sexy long styles, semi-long styles, or shawls. These are all suitable for you. Moreover, beach blouses can not only provide shelter but also provide protection from the cold, wind, and sun, so choosing a beach cover-up is a good choice.

three piece swimsuit for women beach cover-ups


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