What's The Difference Between The Swimsuits Worn by Divers and Swimmers?

What's The Difference Between The Swimsuits Worn by Divers and Swimmers?

Every time I watch the Olympics, I have questions. Is there any difference between the swimsuits worn by female divers and those worn by swimmers? What is the difference between them? After my investigation, I finally got the answer. This gives me more understanding and confidence in women's swimsuits.

Olympic Diving picture

In terms of differences, looking at the appearance, we will find that the swimsuits worn by female divers and swimsuits worn by female swimmers have a lot of similarities, and they are both high and low body jumpsuits. But these two kinds of clothes are slightly different. 

Sport Belly Control one-piece swimsuit

The swimsuits worn by female swimmers are generally made of cotton or chemical fiber fabrics, with a smooth surface, single color or with patterns. The swimsuit used for competition must be a dark high-low-fit one-piece swimsuit. ,
Women's swimsuits also need a perfect connection of casual elements, functionality and high technology. A swimming competition is a racing event. The swimmers pursue speed. Swimsuits are available in briefs and legged trousers. They are also equipped with swimming caps to reduce resistance. The styles can be selected by themselves. Just to improve the results of the operatives, the swimsuit will be deliberately made very tight, which will reduce the resistance of the water.

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The female diving activists wear a one-piece triangle competitive swimsuit, which helps to reduce the resistance in the air and into the water, and is conducive to making difficult moves in the air and the result of splashing when entering the water. These swimsuits can set off the figure of the actor, but they have defects such as poor ventilation and tight fit, and they will be uncomfortable to wear for too long.

2020 Tokyo Olympic diving mediallist

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