What is Tankini? Difference with bikini

What is Tankini? Difference with bikini

Tankini? What is this? Is it a bikini? Or is it a new kind of swimsuit. In fact, tankini is very similar to bikini, and often tankini is a sub-product of bikini. Today Upopby will tell you what tankini is and the difference between it and bikini.

What is Tankini

Tankini is a style suitable for women with some slack in the middle. Tankini is an oversized bikini with a two-piece design and extra protection. Buying multiple pieces and trying one or two sizes larger than regular clothes is a good suggestion.

Tankini is generally a conservative design style. They are generally similar to high-waist bikinis, but it can protect and cover your belly or the entire middle. Tankini top can also perfectly protect the parts you want to protect. , Can prevent accidental exhaustion. Tankini's materials are also very particular, they are all made of waterproof, quick-drying professional-grade swimwear materials.

Difference Between Tankini and Bikini

Bikini is also a two-piece design, but it will be more open and cover up as much as tankini. The conservative ones are generally called tankini, and the generous and sexy ones are generally bikini.

However, Many woman who've a long torso complain a couple of one piece swimsuit being too brief and uncomfortable; however, the tankini not only provides the illusion of a shorter torso it is usually much more comfortable.

Upopby has many styles of tankini suits, such as Polka Dot Tankini, high neck strap ruffled backless bikini,. etc.

If you want to try tankini or want to see more tankini styles, please click me.

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