Can Women's Swimsuits Be Worn As Underwear?

Can Women's Swimsuits Be Worn As Underwear?

What is the difference between a swimsuit and underwear? Can I wear swimsuits as underwear, and can I wear underwear as swimsuits? I believe you must have had such doubts. Especially when summer comes, without a comfortable, good swimsuit, you will uncontrollably think of underwear. Can swimsuits be worn as underwear? the answer is negative.

Underwear cannot be worn as a swimsuit

What is the difference between a swimsuit and underwear?

Underwear should be made of close-fitting, appropriate elasticity, sweat-absorbing, and all-cotton materials. The swimsuit is too tight and does not absorb sweat, so it is not recommended. And most of the swimsuits are tight-fitting, and most of the swimsuits have the effect of shrinking and shaping, so long-term wearing will also feel uncomfortable, and it is not conducive to blood circulation. The goals pursued by swimsuits and underwear are also different. Swimsuits are used in the water, and there is no need to calculate your perspiration and wetness. The most important thing about swimsuits is to reduce power and lightness, and is beautiful. And underwear lies in comfort! And because most of the swimsuits are made of polyester and nylon materials, they are mainly used for durability and easy drying, and are not suitable for everyday wear.

What are the differences between swimsuits and underwear? The difference between swimsuit and underwear is mainly in three aspects: function, fabric and appearance style.

1. The Uses Are Different For Swimsuits and Underwear.

Swimsuits should be suitable for underwater sports. This requires swimsuits to be waterproof, flexible, and have low resistance to water during underwater sports. In order to achieve this, swimsuits are designed to be very tight. The most important thing about underwear is to be comfortable and not too tight, so it is skin-friendly, breathable, and hygroscopic. Keep the skin dry at any time.

2. Different Fabrics Material For Swimsuits and Underwear

The material selection angles of swimwear and underwear are completely opposite. As mentioned above, swimsuits are mostly made of easy-to-dry and durable materials, while underwear are mostly made of cotton with good water absorption. So when you go swimming in underwear, you will be very tired, and the underwear may be deformed.

3. The Appearance Is Different For Swimsuits and Underwear

Swimsuits are designed to be worn outside and pay more attention to visual effects. The material is relatively thick, the appearance is fashionable, and there are many styles and patterns. The underwear is worn inside, the material is lighter and thinner, mainly in solid colors, and the style is not as much as that of swimsuits.

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Swimsuits are generally only worn for swimming in summer, while underwear are worn all year round. Swimsuits cannot replace underwear because swimsuits do not have the breathability and sweat absorption function of underwear. Similarly, underwear cannot replace swimsuits because underwear does not have swimsuits. Waterproof, and the pure cotton underwear will become translucent after absorbing water, become heavy, it is easy to cause fatigue, and you will see your chest. Want to avoid running out, be careful and meticulous in the test, carefully observe your actions, and prepare well-fitting clothes. Know the hair. For sexy bikinis with extremely exposed skin, it is necessary to clean the excess hair, such as underarms, arms, swimsuits, legs, etc. When removing hair, care should be taken to prevent scratches. Be careful that the effects of soaking bacteria will cause recovery. Certain influence. UV protection should be careful not to let your skin be damaged by the strong sunlight. When you are on the beach, you should apply more than 50 times of sunscreen, and stick to reapply every 30 minutes to achieve the best sunscreen effect. In addition, after investigation, it was found that most consumers change their swimming suits once a year, and a small number of them also change their swimsuits in two years. The short service life and the high frequency of replacement make ordinary consumers reluctant to spend a "big price" to invest in swimwear.

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And Upopby's swimsuits are not only high-quality, but also affordable, and they have a lot of fans. Moreover, the branded underwear in the underwear store is expensive, and it would be a pity if you wear it to swim and damage it. For swimwear, a fast-food consumer clothing product, the high price of branded swimwear obviously exceeds the psychological and economic acceptance of ordinary consumers. Every summer, in large supermarkets, ordinary shopping malls, and even clothing wholesale markets, swimming suits worth about 100 yuan are always the best-selling varieties. This also reflects the objective needs of consumers and the ideal price of swimwear in most people's minds. It must be said that the lack of brand-name effects has led to one of the reasons why the market value of swimwear has not been improved. At the same time, brand swimwear is also facing a miserable situation of being "cloned" and copied. A swimsuit that has spent a huge investment in brand swimwear companies and worked hard by research and designers. Once it goes on the market, it will take two or three days as fast as one week. , Copycat products are springing in like bamboo shoots after a rain. In addition to the different fabrics, the styles and colors of the copycat swimwear are almost messy. This also affects the sales volume of brand swimwear to a large extent and hinders the long-term development of brand swimwear. Due to market, consumption habits and other reasons.

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So no matter from which aspect, swimsuits can't be worn as underwear, and underwear can't be worn as swimsuits. Of course, if you have other ideas, or other different opinions, you can also leave a comment below, and we will actively adopt your opinions and reasons.
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