Five Tips For Swimsuit Maintenance Method

Five Tips For Swimsuit Maintenance Method

Have you ever encountered this kind of thing? After every swim, even if you wash and stack your swimsuit, the swimsuit will still be deformed or the color will no longer be bright when you take it out the next year. Then UPOPBY will teach you How to take care of your swimsuit.

1. How To Wash Swimsuits

When washing a swimsuit, get it wet first, and then gently scrub with your hands. Do not use hot water, detergent, bleach, washing machine, or sun exposure; if there is mud and sand on the inside of the swimsuit, you can soak the swimsuit until it is Cleaning is performed after the sediment has settled.

After swimming, it should be washed with water below 40 degrees as soon as possible to keep it clean. No chlorine bleaching or ironing is allowed. After washing, place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, avoid direct exposure to the sun, so as to ensure the elasticity of the fabric.

 How To Wash Swimsuits

2. The Environment To Avoid In Swimsuits

Stay away from rough rock-like interfaces, Otherwise, it is easy to cause wear or damage to the surface of the swimsuit.

3. Before You Use The Swimsuits

Wet the swimsuit and swimming trunks with clean water before entering the water. Can reduce the corrosion of pool water or seawater, After exercising, you should rinse off in time and then take off your swimsuit. In this way, the sand on the surface of the swimsuit will not be brought into the inner surface of the swimsuit.

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4. How To Quickly Dry The Swimsuit After Washing The Swimsuits

Do not wring out the washed swimsuit, It is recommended to roll the swimsuit into a dry towel, Let dry Maojin to absorb too much water in the swimsuit.

Dry swimsuits should be stored in a cool place.

Pay attention to ventilation when storing, keep away from chemicals such as cosmetics and laundry detergents, the last thing to pay attention to is not to wring out water stains forcefully, so as not to damage the appearance, and do not use a clip to clamp a corner to cool the swimsuit, which will deform the swimsuit, and you can choose to hang it in the closet after the clothes are dried.

How To Quickly Dry The Swimsuit After Washing The Swimsuits

5. How To Store Swimsuits To Make Swimsuits Last Longer

After use, the swimsuit should not be stuffed in a bag or car trunk or box for a long time, so as to avoid heat and fading, it should be hand-washed and dried as soon as possible.

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