Do Wear Underwear When Wearing A Swimsuit? Scientific Explanation

Do Wear Underwear When Wearing A Swimsuit? Scientific Explanation

I believe you all have such doubts, do we wear underwear underneath when we wear swimsuits? Now the most scientific explanation is here, and I hope it can help you who are equally doubts.

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The Material Of The Swimsuit

Swimsuits are generally made of special materials, which can not be deformed when exposed to water, and have the function of waterproof and quick-drying. Common swimsuit materials are DuPont Leica (Rayon), cotton and polyester materials (latex + nylon). DuPont Leica's(Rayon) material will last longer than the other two materials, most of which are used in one-piece swimsuits. Swimwear made of cotton fiber is more elastic and soft, and it is also the most common swimwear material. Polyester swimsuits have less elasticity and are more restricted. They are generally used for split swimsuits, and polyester swimsuits are cheaper than the other two, such as some bikini. So in most cases, you don’t need to wear underwear if you wear a swimsuit.

Swimsuit Design

When designing a swimsuit, the designer will fully consider the needs of women, so the swimsuit itself will carry a chest pad, and the position of the underpants is also designed, so you don't need to wear underwear when wearing a swimsuit.

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The Practicality Of Swimsuits

Different swimsuits represent different figures and usage scenarios, such as one-piece swimsuits, most of which are used for professional swimming or have individual needs, such as abdomen, and a backless design. And the practicality when swimming, such as reducing resistance, more beautiful colors, easy for others to find you, and more timely rescue. So if you wear underwear, it will increase the water-receiving area, which will increase the resistance when swimming, and the materials of underwear and underwear are absorbent and they are relatively loose, so you are very uncomfortable swimming in underwear and underpants.

According to the above three points, you don’t need to wear underwear when wearing a swimsuit.

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